So, you want to write a book?



If you are looking to write or publish a book, welcome in.

Why self-publish?

In the beginning, writers were nearly always self-published. They hired space on printing presses and took their chances with pamphlets, newspapers and books that they had written. During the 20th century in particular, however, the rise of corporate culture put many small operations to the wall as giants like Random House, Penguin and others sprang up to control book publishing, because smaller outfits could not compete with technology that favoured mass production.

The rise of theĀ  internet and computer-to-print technology has changed all that again, swinging the pendulum back in favour of boutique publishers and independent authors.

So how do you take advantage of that?

Firstly, you need expert advice. There are any number of self-publishing companies out there, and most will cost you dearly and/or offer you low returns on your investment.

It is possible to make huge sums of money from writing and publishing your own book, but not unless your book looks professional and is manufactured at a low cost and where you get the lion’s share of sales revenue. A compelling story helps tremendously.

That’s where we come in.

Our introductory webinars are the best investment you’ll ever make in your own future, if writing and self-publishing is your aim.

For two hours, bestselling author and publisher Ian Wishart will take you through the self-publishing and writing process, pointing out danger areas along the way and arming you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your writing project.

In publishing, it’s what you don’t know that catches you out. We can’t help people who don’t seek professional assistance, but we can help you, and that could be what makes the difference.

“But how do I know if I need this advice now?”

Unless you’ve published more than 60 books, and in some years had more bestsellers in the top ten than any other publishing company, you probably don’t know what we know. Expressed another way, you don’t know what you don’t know, and until we tell you, you are flying blind.

We guarantee our webinars will give you information you didn’t even realise you needed, no matter whether you are just starting out to write or whether you’re ready to publish.

“Does it matter where I am in the world?”

No, we have clients in many places. We deal with Hollywood producers and international publishing agencies, we help you get to market wherever you are.

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