This little Piggy…the story of “Porkers”


[UPDATE: “Porkers” has become a sellout. Congratulations to the Broadhursts]

Warwick Broadhurst was an animal ranger and pig hunter.

“How can you be an animal lover and hunt pigs?,” some would ask.

Warwick would simply nod in agreement, then point to photos of the damage rooting pigs do to paddocks and native bush. “If we don’t control pigs,” he’d say, “the environment gets out of balance”.

And so we have Porkers. Warwick, now in his twilight years, was an old-time hunter. No helicopters making easy kills. In fact for him, more often than not, no guns at all. “Respect the animal,” he’d tell his young proteges.

Broadhurst was about one on one combat with wild boar, and Porkers is the collection of his war stories.


They’re moving huge numbers of books, and Porkers isn’t even in bookstores for another couple of weeks, although you can get it on Amazon already.

“I just want to express my sincere thanks,” wrote Warwick’s wife Jill. “We’re very excited about the book, and we appreciate very much your good work on our behalf. … You are worth every cent, and It means a lot to us.”