Cover design service for ebooks and print

If you ask any editor at a major publishing house what are the keys to selling a book, they’d tell you four things:

1. A great cover

2. A great title

3. A great story

4. A great marketing plan


Top of that list is cover design, because an appealing cover gets picked up off the shelf on impulse, or clicked on in Amazon, and that’s the first step towards a purchase.

If no one actually picks up your book or clicks on the cover, you can have the best story in the world backed up by the slickest marketing campaign but it will make as much noise as a tree falling in an unpopulated forest.

Thousands of average books enjoy good sales because they have good covers.

Thousands of very good books flop, because they have pedestrian covers.

A cover should not just be attractive in itself, it should speak to its genre – in other words, it should send a signal to readers of similar books to yours that this book is worth a peek. A thriller should look like a thriller, a romance novel should look like a romance novel. Authors often have their own clever idea of what they want on the cover, but they forget that covers are a marketing tool – not a place to be too clever, witty and artistic for your own good.

That’s where we come in. If you’ve got a manuscript and you just want cover design assistance, we can tailor you a single image cover for NZ$599 or a premium cover with more graphic elements for NZ$899.

Our publishing company has sold around half a million books, check out the slideshow to see our design flair.

We specialise in photographic concepts. If you are looking for a more art-based concept, you may want to consider these guys.

Now, sure, getting your book noticed is only the first step. Once the browser reads inside, hopefully they’ll be captivated and you’ve gained a sale. If you need help with what’s between the covers, we can do that too – check out our author mentoring and manuscript assessment package, or the intermediate package, or the advanced publishing package.