The First Hurdle manuscript assessment

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Product Description

So you’ve written a manuscript and you keep getting rejection letters – or worse, no letters at all? WE CAN CHANGE THAT!

This is your first stop. Publishers have a secret ingredient we look for in every manuscript. If it is not there in the first couple of chapters, the document either gets binned, or returned to you with a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” letter. Publishers generally won’t go to the trouble of explaining why your particular book didn’t make the cut because, in all honesty, there are so many manuscripts and so little time.

How can we help? Because we know what literary agents are looking for, and what they’re not wanting to find. By hiring us to advise on the start of your book, we could save you months or even years of angst and rejection letters. We will tell you if you are missing the secret ingredient, and we will tell you how to put it in there.

We recently helped a novelist who’d been rejected by all the major publishers – now her book has been praised by critics.

You are not paying for or receiving a line by line analysis or proofread – you are paying us to sit down and read the first part of your book, and then tell you whether you urgently need to fix it. This is a stripped down version of our larger manuscript assessment, focusing on the critical beginning of your book.

If you’re serious about getting published, we are serious about helping you do it.

Who is Ian Wishart? Wishart is the author of six #1 national bestselling books and multiple #1 bestsellers on Amazon. He helps writing clients all over the globe and is an expert not just on story development but all aspects of publishing. Visit his Amazon page for a biography.