How To Write Webinar 1 video replay

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The unmissable 75 minute webinar replay for writers who want success

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This is where it begins. You are trapped in a room with a gun to your head. What happens next?

The fundamentals of good writing kick off our How To Write Webinar series, and this on-demand video replay of Webinar 1 gives you invaluable tips, skills and advice on how to become the next bestselling author.

Ian Wishart, who has sold hundreds of thousands of books worldwide, knows all the tricks of the writing trade. As an award-winning journalist, author and documentary-maker, he knows how to tell stories and how to train writers to make the most of their craft.

You are not just engaging any writing mentor, but one with a global brand who knows what a book needs to reach #1.

What you will learn in this video could literally save you months or even years off your writing project, and give you skills that – once learnt – can never be unlearnt. What’s that worth?

Sure, it’s a video not the live performance, and you won’t be able to ask questions like the attendees were, but other than that it’s just like being there.

Your journey to making an income from your writing starts by adding this 75 minute video to your cart and downloading it to your computer to watch at your leisure. It’s not a payment, it is genuinely an investment in your future. Go on, you know you want to…