Self-publishing package, POA


Product Description

If you’ve got a manuscript and you want to get your book published to the world, this is what you need.

The self-publishing package could save you thousands compared with doing it yourself! Example? One client had self-published through an American company and proudly explained he could buy his books and get them to NZ for $13 a copy. His problem was that the NZ bookshops he wanted to sell his books in were only prepared to pay him $14 per book. If he sold a thousand books he would only make a thousand bucks – and that’s before paying freight and import GST on each copy. We solved that problem.

We showed our client how we could get books in his hand, manufactured locally for only $5 a copy. Instead of paying $13,000 to print a thousand copies, he could pay just $5,000. That’s a saving of $8,000 just from hiring us! But it gets better. Not only was he paying far less, but he could now afford to sell books in New Zealand at a substantial profit. After paying his printing costs, our client could make $9 per book in pure profit, from which he could fund his business expenses.

What’s covered? We’ll read through your manuscript and flag areas that need attention. If the changes are quick and easy, we’ll make them for you. If your book needs a bigger edit, we’ll tell you and give you some options. Editing is not included in the cost of our package. You are not paying us to write your book for you, but to design, produce and publish your book so it looks high quality. There are many self-published books that only sell a couple of hundred copies, but that’s usually because they look and feed substandard. Your book will never have the chance to sell strongly if it does not look and feel like a premium book – not something you slapped up on Microsoft Word.

Once your book is perfected, we’ll design a professional bookstore quality cover and get the book designed and typeset. Then we will convert it to the formats needed by global print companies, and convert it to the three types of ebook the market wants – Kindle, Epub and PDF. We will upload to¬† print factories in the USA, UK and Australia who supply the world’s leading book retailers, and upload to a New Zealand print factory as well if desired. Under our system, you can print ‘locally’ virtually wherever you are, which will save you a fortune in freight.

By teaming with us, not only are we doing the heavy lifting of getting your book produced, but you get access to the kind of production discounts enjoyed by big publishers and which ordinary members of the public can only dream about.

Contact us for pricing by adding this to cart, because the price will depend on your needs and your manuscript.