The Song Journey by T E Scott

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TE Scott’s The Song Journey is a fascinating and well-written story about the unique transformative power of music that transports the heroine into past events. Julia MacAllistair, with her talent for singing, is the image of her great-grandmother Jules MacAllistair – a famous singer who devoted her life to music at the neglect of other areas of her life. Just before this frail, dementia-stricken woman dies, she gives Julia a key. The key opens a box containing old music sheets and these powerful pieces of music are a portal to past times, where Julia finds herself resolving problems or learning from her great-grandmother’s past.
On these journeys back in time, Julia experiences fear, war, loneliness, and the ignorant prejudices and cruelties of past generations. But she also meets her great-grandmother and is able to learn from her wisdom. In addition, Julia finds a genuine love that has so far eluded her in real life. In many ways, The Song Journey is an exploration of human nature and the search and hope for something sustainable and permanent in life. In each of Julia’s visits to her great-grandmother’s past days, the intricacies and hopes of the characters’ lives are explored and experienced.
Through Julia’s story, TE Scott presents the reader with insights into the impact of different historical events on those who lived through them, especially those who suffered in some way. The characterization is excellent and the plot has a good solid structure. The story is told from first person point of view (Julia’s), with a strong narrative voice that carries the tale to a natural and good conclusion. I liked the inspirational quotes at the start of the chapters, which hint at the personal growth and journey that Julia experiences, and the truths she discovers as she discovers herself. A lovely book that I couldn’t put down. – Five Stars, Reviewed By Hilary Hawkes for Readers’ Favorite

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The Song Journey has been selected as one of the best new titles of 2015. Further details will be made available here when the awards embargo is lifted in the USA early December.

About the Author

T.E. Scott is an American writer who resides in Tauranga, New Zealand with her Kiwi husband and two children. Born with a love of the Arts, she split her studies between music and English lit, ultimately choosing a career as an English teacher. She now spends her days raising her family on the family farm and indulging in her two great passions…literature and music.