What We Do

In a nutshell, we guide you through the writing process and help you publish your book, in a way that is commercially sustainable for you.

What Do We Mean By That?

There are many “self-publishing” companies out there, but take a long hard look at what they really offer. Sure, they will get your book published, but many of the bigger ones are clipping so much of the ticket that the writer still only ends up with 10% to 20% of sales – despite paying ALL the cost of publication.

We don’t think that’s fair. It is not “sustainable” for writers. If you are taking the risk, and financing your project, you deserve all the financial rewards, not just the crumbs.

We’ll charge you a realistic price to get your book designed, typeset and vetted, and we show you how to access the same printers and distribution channels those other “self publishing” companies are using.

We’ll get your work uploaded to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository and all the other retail outlets online, and ensure that bookstores anywhere in the world can order your book in for a customer.

If you sell 2,000 copies of your book via Kindle @ US$9.99, or in print at US$24.99, you can expect to earn somewhere around US$7 per copy. If you sell 20,000 copies, well, you do the math.

How Do I Get That Kind Of Success?

Let’s be frank. There are no guarantees. The “average” self-published book generally doesn’t set the world on fire, but that’s partly because the “average” self-published book looks like a dog’s breakfast.

Authors can spend months, even years, of their precious time writing a great story, but they are not prepared to spend money or time presenting it in the best possible light. Instead, they’ll typeset it themselves  in Microsoft Word, and slap on a cover that a friend of a friend designed for free, and they expect the world to beat a path to their door and act mystified when it doesn’t happen.

Trust us, if publishing and book marketing were that easy, we’d all be millionaires. In truth, publishing companies earn the big money because they invest in proofing, editing, typesetting and cover design, and if you don’t get that work done by professionals you may as well insert your manuscript into the shredder, because it simply won’t compete with other well-designed stories.

Take Amanda Hocking. Financially destitute and with her manuscripts continually rejected by every major US publisher, Hocking needed a few hundred dollars for car repairs. She decided to put a couple of her manuscripts up on Kindle, in the hope that friends and family might buy a few copies and earn her the $300 to $400 she needed. But Amanda was smart. She got some book covers professionally designed so her titles appealed to her target audience.

Within six months, she’d made US$1 million, all on her own.

Amanda is “everyperson”. Her story could be your story. She made a decision to back herself and it paid off.

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  1. Hi Ian, I need help promoting a consciousness raising book that most publishing chief editors haven’t the guts to go near. Information below.

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    Human beings who have the smallest place in coexistence have pretended for too long to be above all. This ego has separated humanity from all forms of lives.

    Transformation of human consciousness becomes urgent for the survival of all forms of life and for intergenerational equity………

    Thank you and all the best for this wonderful book of yours. May human beings soon realise their follies before it is too late.

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    Neil Kramer, Philosopher & Author
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